Shaannan’s First Public Bonded Warehouse in Hanzhong City Situated in Chinlink · Worldport Commenced Operation
6 May 2020
The public bonded warehouse situated in Chinlink · Worldport located in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, was built and is operated by Chinlink International Trade Centre (Hanzhong) Company Limited. The warehouse which is the first public bonded warehouse in Shaannan has granted the approval from Xi’an Customs last year and recently obtained the license and commenced operation. With the support from Hanzhong Municipal Government, Xi'an Customs, Hanzhong Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Hanzhong Customs, the establishment of the public bonded warehouse is an important milestone and driving engine for the economic development of Hanzhong City and even Shaannan region.

The warehouse is situated in Chinlink · Worldport, which is located in the Baohe Logistics Park in Hanzhong City, one of the seven largest logistics parks in Shaanxi Province covered an area of 2,500 square metres. It will provide enterprises in regions like Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan, etc. a series of bonded storage services including bonded warehousing, agent customs clearance, processing, sorting, packaging, labeling, assembly, display transactions, logistics and distribution, etc.

Over the years, Chinlink has established close partnerships with Hanzhong Municipal Government and various government agencies, and cooperated in different areas, together with Chinlink’s global strategic resources integration competence, it will accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the core industries in Hanzhong, and provide strong support to Hanzhong to open up for the sustainable development of the local economy.