Opera Residence Project in Sydney, Australia

Opera Residence Project takes the prime location in Circular Quay, Sydney where the former Coca-Cola’s Australia headquarter used to be, a hub for Sydney’s economic, cultural and tourist centre and a core metropolitan district on par with other major cities in the world. The Opera Residence has a site area of approximately 1,207 square metres with a total floor area of 26,308 square metres of which a 20-storey mixed use development complex comprising 104 luxury residential apartments, four-storey premium retail premises with a gross floor area of 980 square metres, and a six-storey basement with 103 carpark spaces will be developed.

Opera Residence Project was well-received by the market and takes our achievement into new heights with all records broken for the most valuation apartment in Australia.

Mackenzie Creek Project in Markham, Ontario, Canada

Located at a prime location in Markham, Ontario, Canada, Mackenzie Creek Project stands benefiting from the city’s advantageous location, high accessibility and comprehensive living amenities. The project composed of residential and commercial complex to be developed in two phases. The first phase comprises of 195 townhouse and the second phase comprises high-rise condominiums and commercial shopping centre including residential condominium apartments with a total saleable area of around 34,840 square metres of which 5,574 square metres will be allocated for commercial purpose.

Mackenzie Creek also designated itself as a Greenway for the protection of natural landscapes and to support natural heritage enhancement opportunities and nature appreciation.

Glorious Hill Project in Jeju, Korea

Glorious Hill Project is located in Hallin area, Jeju City, Jeju Island, Korea. It is situated at the foot of Halla Mountain, close to the world-famous Blackstone Golf Course covered by magnificent natural environment, easily accessible with comprehensive living amenities. The project covers an area of about 1.25 million square metres. The first phase of the project will comprise of a hotel block, townhouses and duty-free shopping centre.

The hotel block will consist of 4 towers, each with 5-storey five-star hotel comprising 628 rooms with a total floor area of 150,000 square metres. The hotel facilities will include an indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, massage, fitness room and karaoke etc. In addition, 48 townhouses with a total floor area of 9,700 square metres and a duty-free shopping centre with an area of 15,000 square metres will be developed.