The Company currently holds a 55% stake in Macrolink Glorious Hill Co., Ltd. (“Glorious Hill”), a company established in Jeju, South Korea, on 24 March 2014, for the purpose of developing an integrated resort on the approximately 1.3 million sq.m site on Zone A, Hallim Eup, Kumak-ri, Jejusi, Jejudo.

Glorious Hill – Jeju, South Korea

Centrally located on Jeju Island, South Korea, the Glorious Hill Project (錦繡山莊) site is just a half-hour drive from Jeju International Airport, and the island’s popular tourist spots Jungmun Resort and Geumleung Beach are merely 15 and 12 minutes away respectively. Running conveniently next to the land of the Glorious Hill Project is the No. 95 highway which leads directly to Jeju Island Airport and the city’s downtown area. The site for development is adjacent to the Blackstone Golf Resort. The site topography is ideal at a lower altitude of 210 to 340 meters, with an inclination of less than 10%.

The project will comprise five-star hotels with around 1,000 guest rooms and a range of facilities suitable for local and international conferences, exhibitions and cultural tourism activities. In addition, there will be villas and condominium together with entertainment and recreational facilities, such as healthcare facilities, commercial complexes, shopping centers, hydrotherapy spa and golf course.

The Glorious Hill Project will be developed into one of the largest comprehensive integrated resort complexes in South Korea.